The Master Plan of Allegheny Commons

After 200 years of active use, much of Allegheny Commons shows signs of age, abuse, benign neglect and deferred maintenance. Some of this is to be expected, since trees age and structural systems reach the end of their lives. Drainage systems malfunction and roads and walks deteriorate without periodic maintenance attention. Limited-life furnishings such as lights and benches need to be part of a planned replacement plan.
     The Master Plan for Allegheny Commons aims to protect the historic integrity of this important open space, while recognizing and protecting the evolution over time of its design and uses. The Master Plan is a guide for the physical preservation, restoration, rehabilitation or reconstruction, while calling for ongoing management and maintenance components to improve its value for both present and future generations. It is a living document that provides a comprehensive framework to inform decision making in the future while preserving its historic continuum. Download Plan

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Master Plan of Allegheny Commons
Allegheny Commons is a City Historic District